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Our offer

Expert advice:

We offer expert advice in industrial automation to help you choose the best, most efficient and reliable solution from our vast array of sensors, automatic executing elements, programmable logic controllers (PLC), control panels, human-machine interface (HMI), data acquisition systems (SCADA), distribution controls systems (DCS), on-computer production process following, on-computer archiving and maintenance organization.

Engineering services:

Our engineering team builds computer and industrial software-assisted electrical projects including occasional studies and automation concepts, "basic" plans ( system plans), execution plans and "as-built" plans.
We offer technical support for industrial automation, measuring instrumentation and execution counseling. Our support also extends to PLC programming techniques and languages, HMI software development environment techniques and SCADA data acquisition and processing software.
We have professionals happy to help with project management and site organization.

Components, assembly, installation, commission:

For our projects we can provide the following components:
  • Sensors and measuring instruments
  • Electrical cabinets and components
  • Programmable controllers
  • Dedicated computers
  • Software development environments
  • Dedicated applications
Together with our partners, we build, assemble, install and commission electrical and automation cabinets and even whole turnkey automation systems.

Automation software development:

We develop software for automated machines and installations for various industrial domains:
  • Warehouse, materials manipulation machines and systems
  • Intelligent sorters and carriage lines
  • Weight measuring and dosage systems
  • Production lines
  • Auxiliary system control and supervision (industrial water, technical air, electrical current)
  • Chemical process control systems
  • Distance control and supervision systems, data acquisition systems, dispatcher systems (grab, treat, deposit, transfer and distribution of gasses and liquids)
Our applications and systems are scalable, ranging from a single installation to a whole production unit or even a large system in several locations. Hardware and software is chosen depending on the size and integration scale of automation. We program PLCs (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider …), develop HMI process visualization applications for operating panels (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Schneider …), implement SCADA and HMI systems (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Wonderware, iFIX, Citect …) and DCS systems (Ovation, Honeywell …) on computers.

Industrial software development

We develop software and programs dedicated for production processes tailored to the unit’s automation level. Our dedicated systems grab and assign data depending on the production organization at a maximum level permitted by the process and technology.
Thus we offer logistic systems which include:
  • Archiving, organization and acquisition tracking of the raw material
  • Archiving, organization and stock tracking (raw materials, semi-finished, finished product)
  • Archiving, organization and order and delivery tracking
  • Archiving, organization and production tracking (in multiple phases)
  • Product quality archiving
  • Process reporting and statistics
  • Special documents emission (orders, notes, processes, quality sheets, invoice, notices …)
Maintenance systems for installations and machines include:
  • Preventive maintenance task programming and tracking
  • Archiving preventive and failure intervention activity
  • Archive of the installation divided on separate parts
  • Material and spare parts stock administration
  • Service and installation history
  • Digital documents archive for the installation
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Costs tracking of the maintenance
  • Maintenance reports and statistics
Utility monitoring (power, industrial air, industrial water)
  • Measuring quantities at the consumption nodes (instant values, totalizing counters)
  • Long period digital archive of the measures
  • Supervise, table and graphic processing of data (trend, peak, average for several periods)
  • Consumption threshold limiting and warnings
  • Consumption reports and statistics
Depending on the beneficiary’s automation and informing rank, our applications can be interfaced with the automated technology and His resource management systems (ERP).

Warranty, post-warranty support:

We offer our clients warranty and post-warranty technical support for a system. We also organize workshops and on-field instructions for educating and training the operating staff, as well as workshops for repair and maintenance of the automation systems.